Okt 232015
Motorcyclist Stops Traffic To Save Small Kitten

Have you ever been driving down the road and a squirrel runs across the street? It’s a terrible feeling when you’re not sure if you hit the little guy. Motorcyclist E511 was biking around town when he noticed a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy intersection. He immediately jumped into to action to stop traffic and save the little cat. Now, the subsequent video taken from his helmet camera has gone viral with over two million hits!


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Sep 182015
Baby And Cat Waking Up Together Is The Cutest

Most pet owners are naturally a little nervous introducing their animal friends to their brand new baby. But Jenny Ann doesn’t have to worry at all. Her eight month old daughter and Eevee the kitten get along perfectly well together. The two even fell asleep together in this precious viral video that has over one million hits!


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Sep 012015
Fishermen Save Kittens In Water

Many fishermen go after catfish to make a delicious fried dish. But while the two fishermen of Alabama Adventures were out on the water fishing for catfish, they caught something a little bit different. They found two kittens swimming in the water! Thankfully, they pulled the two kitties out and saved them. So cute! This video has instantly gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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Aug 192015
Toddler Adorably Fails At Gathering Kittens

This little boy had the idea that he should get all of his kittens together in the backyard. The thing is, most kittens don’t like to do what they are told and every time he puts one kitten on the blanket, two others walk away. 

„We’ve got a major situation here!“


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Aug 072015
Kitten ‘Dances’ To Uptown Funk

There’s no question that Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars is one of the unofficial songs of this summer. Apparently, even pets love the catchy tune. In this adorable viral video, a cute kitten dances to the funky beat. Of course, the kitty’s human is most likely moving a toy back and forth to attract the attention of the cat, but it’s no less adorable. This clip has over 1 million views!


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