Okt 192013
Five Week Old Lion Cubs At Oregon Zoo

Sure, kittens are cute and are a serious viral commodity online, but they simply can’t compete with lion kittens! The Oregon Zoo published this adorable video this week of their resident lion Neka’s three precious five-week-old cubs that have stolen the hearts of viewers. 


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Okt 062013
Retired Military Dog Plays With Kitten For First Time

This adorable pet video was published by Louisa Vaughan in 2010, but is trending again now after appearing on sites like Military, HuffPost, and 22Words

Chef the military dog is finally retired after a long life of working for the armed forces. Now, he can finally relax and play with kittens. Ahh, the good life. 


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Sep 262013
Fireman Wearing GoPro Saves Kitten From Fire

Back in July, a firefighter wearing a GoPro helmet camera went viral after saving a precious kitten from a fire and bringing it back from the near dead. How could the web resist?

Now, the official GoPro Camera YouTube channel has posted the entire video which has caused the story to resurface online. In just one day, the new video has amassed over half a million views!


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Sep 122013
Flying Kittens vs. Flying Puppies In Slow Motion

Now this is what the Internet was made for!

After too long of a hiatus, videographer and music maker Scottdw, best known for his ultra viral Fruit Ninja In Real Life video, has returned to the web with this new made-for-the-web competitive music video, Flying Kittens vs. Flying Puppies.

As the title suggests, the video features adorable kittens and puppies flying in the air in slow motion with a sick hip hop track pumping in the background. 

So who wins the cute competition? 


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Jul 202013

A firefighter saved a tiny kitten from a house fire in Fresno, California and the helmet camera footage quickly went viral

YouTuber Kalanick1111 took the footage and added dramatic music and typography. Now, the week old dramatized video has garnered over half a million views


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