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First Sniff Is The Puppy Dog Parody Of First Kiss

Even though it’s a marketing ploy, First Kiss has become an instant viral video phenomenon, garnering over 42 million views.

Bosh was quick to offer this adorable parody, featuring ’stranger‘ dogs ‚kissing‘ the way only dogs can for the first time. Naturally, the spoof is titled First Sniff


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Mrz 132014
Strangers Really Kiss In Belgium

It’s sad, but it’s no surprise these day. The ultra viral video of 20 strangers kissing was a fraud, a marketing stunt. It worked though, as the new video stands with over 38 million views

Kobe Ilsen of the Belgian TV show VOLT was discouraged by the fake kiss video. He wondered what would it be like to really have strangers kiss?

He was determined to find out, so he asked passersby on the streets of Antwerp to take part in his real experiment. The real first kiss


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Nov 122013
Surprisingly, ‘Kiss Me I’m Desperate Sign’ Actually Works

If you want to attract the ladies, you can’t act desperate. Or so conventional wisdom would have you think. 

But Blake Grigsby proved that idea wrong by holding a sign in Los Angeles that simply read, „Kiss Me I’m Desperate.“

Surprisingly, his sign worked wonders as he lured in countless kisses over the course of his adventure. 

Who would have thought? 

He posted the video in the summer, but it is trending now more than ever, with over 400,000 new views over the past few weeks. 


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Okt 162013
Instantly Changing T-Shirt Color To Pink For A Kiss Magic Trick

Stuart Edge and Calen Morelli teamed up to pull off a new trick from Penguin Magic.

After affirming with girls on campus that a confident guy in pink is attractive and worthy of a kiss, the slick magicians twirled and instantly changed their shirts into pink t-shirts.

How did they do that??


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