Jan 012015
Senior Citizens React To Kim Kardashian And They Are Not Impressed

All young people of course know who Kim Kardashian is. But surprising at is may seem, not all senior citizens are familiar with her. The Fine Brothers decided to show a group of elders the celebrity who is famous for being famous to see what they thought.

They were not impressed. 


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Jan 202014
Ellen Interviews Kim Kardashian About Having More Kids

Hate her or love her, Kim Kardashian is still a popular celebrity personality that can easily rack up viral views.

Kim visited the Ellen Show last week, and this clip from the show of her discussing her recent baby and her family’s future has exploded over the weekend with over 3.5 million hits already.


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Nov 252013
Seth Rogen And James Franco Spoof Kanye West Kim Kardashian Music Video

The Internet groaned after Kanye West posted his new music video Bound 2, featuring reality TV queen Kim Kardashian. 

After watching the ridiculous music video, Hollywood bros James Franco and Seth Rogen teamed up while on set of their new movie The Interview to spoof the pop video, shot for shot.

It’s the ultimate bromance with Franco as West and a shirtless Rogen as Kim. And the web is loving it. 


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Sep 142011

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian paid a visit to Fox 29 to discuss fashion, fame, and glamour. They gave a little piece on their new clothing line, and said good bye. After the segment, the male news anchor doesn’t hide his disdain for the pseudo celebrities. 


Thanks ComedyWizard!

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Aug 212011

This ridiculous CNN clip has suddenly gone viral thanks to sites like TheDailyWhat and Buzzfeed. While a CNN journalist gives a serious report on Kim Kardashian’s wedding, a boy gets in the background and makes crazy, obnoxious, and funny faces. For a long minute he videobombs the camera, and he somehow doesn’t run out of ammunition. 



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