Jul 052011

Michele Bachmann is the Republican Congresswoman from Minnesota running for the 2012 presidency. Kathy Griffin is a crude, famously liberal comedian. „When Kathy Griffin met Michele Bachmann“ sounds like the intro to a joke, but it really happened. Here, let Kathy tell the story. The video is featured on IHeartChaos and Jezebel.


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Jun 102011

Melissa Villasenor is an amazing impressionist. She shows off her skills imitating famous celebrities. Some of the stars she covers are Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Kathy Griffin, Owen Wilson, and more.



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Mrz 072011

There’s a rumor that Kathy Griffin will be playing a crazy Republican character reminiscent of Sarah Palin on Glee. When asked about the rumor on Fox News, Sarah says that Kathy is a 50 year old bully and should pick on her, not her kids. And this is all news why?

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