Jan 022012

NSFW – language

It’s finally 2012, but for some horrible reason, the media is still obsessed with the Kardashians and what they had for breakfast. Well, Star Trek fan favorite Will Wheaton exclaims he has finally had enough of this nonsense! As a guest on the BBC’s new show The Nerdist, Will even calls out, „The Kardashians are more depressing to me than Hitler!“ Strong words. The video is going viral after being featured on Reddit, and was subsequently covered by TastefullyOffensive, TheDailyWhat, GeeksAreSexy.¬†


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Sep 142011

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian paid a visit to Fox 29 to discuss fashion, fame, and glamour. They gave a little piece on their new clothing line, and said good bye. After the segment, the male news anchor doesn’t hide his disdain for the pseudo¬†celebrities.¬†


Thanks ComedyWizard!

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