Feb 182016
Sorry By Justin Bieber Covered In 20 Different Styles

Even though it may seem that everyone hates Justin Bieber, there are obviously countless people who absolutely adore him. In honor of Bieber winning his first Grammy Award, Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs decided to cover his latest hit single, Sorry, in 20 different music styles, such as like Kiss, Creed, Hanson, and more! 


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Jan 212016
Turning 40 Years Old Justin Bieber “Sorry” Parody

You think you feel old turning 20 or 30? Trying turning 40 years old. Everything that you once thought was cool and hip is not only not cool anymore, it’s not even on most people’s radar. 

The Holderness Family understands this more than others as the two parents try to settle into middle life. As they are turning 40, they decided to celebrate being old by spoofing Justin Bieber’s new hit Sorry in this viral video. 


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Nov 202015
Jimmy Fallon Performs Secret Handshake With Justin Bieber

Having the chance to shake hands with The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon or pop star Justin Bieber is a privilege many fans dream of. But what happens when the two stars meet each other in the hall?

They perform their secret handshake of course!


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Nov 192015
Justin Bieber Goes Carpooling With James Corden Again

If it was a huge hit the first time, why not try again? Love him or hate him, Justin Bieber is always good for a viral video. Back in May, late night host James Corden took the hot pop star for a drive around LA for some fun singing and chatting. That clip has over 21 million views! Now, James Corden has again pulled over to give the Bieber a ride


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Sep 262015
Pentatonix Covers ‘Where Are Ü Now’

After a long hiatus from the spotlight, Justin Bieber is again trending in the pop music world after releasing a new song with Jack Ü and dubstep master Skirllex, titled Where Are Ü Now. The Web’s most popular a cappella group pays homage to Bieber with this gorgeous sound a cappella cover video which has instantly gone viral with over one million hits!


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