Mai 032016
The Jungle Book Music Performed At Mayan Temple

The Piano Guys are on a mission to perform at every wonder of the world. For their latest project, they traveled to Yucatán in Mexico to play music inspired by The Jungle Book by the world famous El Castillo Mayan Temple of Kukulcan. Stunning!


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Sep 252013
Man VS Rhino Standoff

While filming for Discovery’s show Man, Cheetah, Wild, cameramen Kim and Joules had a run in with an infamously dangerous animal of the jungle. A giant Black Rhino. 

Brazenly, Kim exited his jeep to get a close up of the rhino, but almost paid the ultimate price. He ended up in an intense and terrifying standoff with the great beast that almost charged him down numerous times. 

But Kim knew no matter what to stand his ground as the bull would instantly charge on his retreat. 

„A little too close for comfort…“



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Jul 162013

While on safari, Brandon David’s dad had an extremely up close and personal experience with a great gorilla. While touring the jungle with his group, they all stopped to watch a large gorilla relaxing by a tree who seemed just as interested in them as they were with him.

Suddenly, Brandon’s dad attracted the attention of the great ape, who decided to investigate the strange looking homosapien. Thankfully, the powerful gorilla seemed to only sniff and prod him a bit before walking away. 

Absolutely incredible close call.  


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Feb 202013

Tigers are a common big cat to find at the local zoo, but wild tigers are a much more rare treat for the camera lens.

BBC Earth reports this is the first time a wild tiger mom and her cubs have been captured on film. The new mom struggles to keep an eye on her relatively large litter of four adorable and rambunctious cubs.

Incredibly, the cameras were actually mounted on elephants, so there were no humans to startle or upset the natural balance of the Indian Jungle. 


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Jun 182012

 must have a secret manual to the Internet, because their commercials very regularly go viral. After so many crazy, outrageous commercials, one might ask, ‚what could they think of next?‘

How about a man walking through the jungle being attacked in every which way, only to complete his journey with just his bones waist down?

Next time, don’t ask.


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