Aug 042016
Britney Spears Pranks Jimmy Kimmel in the Middle of the Night

Jimmy Kimmel’s job is to make jokes and prank people. Instead, his staff and his wife pulled an epic prank on him by inviting Britney Spears and her entire dance crew to crash into Jimmy’s bedroom in the middle of the night. 

Jimmy’s face says it all. 


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Jun 242016
Famous YouTubers Read Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel has basically featured everyone he could think of on his popular Mean Tweets segment. Finally, no doubt thanks to a young intern, he has found a new group to read posts about themselves. Famous YouTubers.


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Jun 032016
Mean Tweets NBA Are Back In Part 4

Back in the day, if you hated a basketball star you could only let the people in your life know about your passionate hate. But not today. Thanks to the Inter-Webs you can tell the stars themselves how much you despise them.

That is just one reason why Jimmy Kimmel Live’s series Mean Tweets is so popular. NBA Mean Tweets is back and going viral again with part 4.


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Mai 212016
Bryan Cranston’s Super Sweet 60

Girls traditionally have a big party when they turn sixteen. But turning 60 is an even bigger deal. Since it Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston was turning the big six zero, Jimmy Kimmel set up a huge Super Sweet 60 birthday party on late night. 


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