Jul 272013

The McNeive family traveled all the way from Ireland to visit the States, and hit up the timeless town of Hollywood as any decent tourist should.

As Breaking Bad is a worldwide television sensation, the McNeives were dying to meet Aaron Paul, famous for playing the foul-mouthed Jesse Pinkman character. 

Not only did Paul say hi to them from his Hollywood home, but he even hung out for a bit and made the Irish tourist truly feel welcome. Video of their encounter has instantly gone viral, garnering over 400,000 views in one day. 


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Jan 222013

NSFW Warning – language

Breaking Bad continues to be one of the most popular cable shows of choice for the web. Axilrod is obviously a fan, as he made this compilation of nearly every time Jesse Pinkman screams ‚b*itch‘ in the show. The compilation was posted in November, but has only started to trend now.  


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