Jun 262014
Jerry Seinfeld On Proper Technology Behavior

Technology continues to penetrate the culture and society. Everyday, more people are joining the online community. As this technological world of gadgets, devices, and networks has blossomed so fast, WIRED asked comedian Jerry Seinfeld to offer some new rules and guidelines on how to properly behave in this new high-tech universe. Jerry was happy to oblige. 


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Feb 062014
Jerry Seinfeld On Diversity In Comedy

Jerry Seinfeld has ruffled some feathers after commenting on diversity in comedy, specifically on his new Internet show Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

While interviewing Seinfeld, Peter of BuzzFeed Brews brought up how most of the guest on the new show were white males. 

„This really pisses me off,“ Jerry immediately answered. 

„You’re funny, I’m interested. You’re not funny, I’m not interested. I have no interest in agenda or race. But everyone else is calculating, is this the exact right mix? To me it’s anti-comedy. It’s more about PC nonsense than are you making us laugh or not.“

Now, the interview clip has gone viral with over 350,000 views.


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Nov 132013
Politicians And Celebrities Recite The Gettysburg Address

Director and producer Ken Burns wants Americans to know Lincoln’s famous Gettysburg Address better, so he enlisted the help of American politicians, presidents, and celebrities to take part in this mash up recital

George Bush, Conan O’Brien, Taylor Swift, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and many more famous people took part by reciting one verse of the historic address given by Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863. 

The video is featured further by Telegraph, LATimes, and HyperVocal



As a bonus, Jerry Seinfeld and comedian Louis C.K. discuss the address in a captivating conversation.


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Dez 212012

Jimmy Fallon is a true student of comedy and comedy history. For his latest gag on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, he invited comedy legends Billy Crystal and Jerry Seinfeld to star in a sequel to the timeless Abbott and Costello Who’s On First comedy routine.

The video is quickly trending across the web, and is featured on NBCSports, DoobyBrain, and UpRoxx


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Dez 212012

World famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld has so many famous bits, jokes, and gags, it’s hard to pick out a most famous one. But without a doubt, one of his top jokes is his pop tart bit.

He recently sat down with The New York Times to discuss how to write a joke, and ended up explaining the true magic behind the breakfast food gag.

Now, the video is going viral, and is further featured on NYTimesSalon, Today,  and BIOTV


(Anyone else annoyed by the camera constantly focusing? What year is it?)

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