Feb 182014
Once Popular Kids Explain It Doesn’t Get Better

Whether you enjoy it or hate it, it seems high school will go on forever. 

But eventually, school will end and real life will begin. 

Back in 2010, activist Dan Savage kick started the It Gets Better campaign to let young bullied people know that life does get better. 

Now,  has stepped forward with an equally important message for the cool, popular kids of high school.

It doesn’t get better


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Sep 052013
It Gets Better Parody For Single People

The It Gets Better campaign has helped, motivated, and inspired countless young people that their rough life in high school will ultimately get better. They just have to push through the darkness. 

Now that the trend has died down, Nice Piece Productions has just debuted this hilarious parody aimed at emboldening lonely single people. 

Are you miserable, and alone, with no one there to greet you when you get home? Well, it does get better. Now, you can poo with the door open and put that dirty spoon back in the kitchen drawer. There’s no one to complain about it. 


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Aug 102013

Australian actor Troye Sivan is most famous for playing a Young James Howlett in the X-Men film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he is currently trending for his online YouTube channel. Namely, for posting this powerful and honest Coming Out that already has over 125,000 likes and over 600,000 hits.

The video is further reviewed on BuzzFeed, HuffingtonPost, and PerezHilton.  


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Aug 012013

Even non-regular online viewers have seen at least one It Gets Better video that have been circling the web ever since LGBT-activist Dan Savage started the trend back in 2010. 

Now, Sparkhurst has launched a new campaign concerning people who work in the customer service industry inspired by It Gets Better, but with much darker implications. Instead of brightly hoping for better days, they warn others in CS that, actually, it’s all down hill from here. It definitely gets worse.  


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Jun 272013

The past two days have been extremely exciting for the LGBT community with DOMA and Prop 8 both falling.

YouTube is proud to openly support the LGBT community, and has just published this Show your pride. Share your love. #ProudToLove video to make sure everyone knows it!

The compilation video features countless famous viral videos of past YouTubers coming out, telling their stories of perseverance, or offering their support to others that, yes, it does goes better



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