Mai 122016
First Person View Of Iron Man

Like Batman, Iron Man is one of the coolest superheroes, not because of his magical abilities, but because of martial arts, brains, and money! His Iron suit is just so darn cool! That inspired Ismahawk to bring the suit to life in this short film. 


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Mrz 122015
Robert Downey Jr. Gives An Awesome Iron Man Arm To Boy Missing Arm

Albert Manero started a small company that creates bionic arms for needy children using new 3D printing technology. Microsoft and Robert Downey Jr. were inspired by Albert, so they teamed up to deliver a special Iron Man-themed bionic arm to one special boy who was missing an arm. Naturally, the kid loved his brand new Iron Man arm, especially when it came directly from Iron Man himself. 


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Dez 132014
Iron Can Is The Literal Iron Appliance Parody Of Iron Man

Tony Starch is just your average billionaire can of fabric softener. But he has a big secret to reveal. After some superhero laundry work got out of hand, he has stepped forward to admit that, yes, he is Iron Can. This pun-packed parody trailer of Iron Man was posted by Anders Wotzke – Moviedex, and has gone viral over the weekend with over 350,000 views and counting!


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Jan 132014
Hilarious Review Of Iron Man 1 And 2

NSFW language

This humorous synopsis of Iron Man 1 and 2 by Michael Mann has instantly gone viral amassing over one million views just today. Michael recaps the two films in just eight minutes with cheap cardboard cuts outs, sarcastic wit, and perfect editing. 


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Sep 292013
Iron Man Helps The Homeless

There’s a new trend online, and for once it’s not about shaking butts and acting a fool at Walmart. Instead, YouTube pranksters and stars are making videos of helping the poor, disenfranchised, and homeless. 

Sketch comedy artist Dominic of the The DOMINIC Show wanted to take part in the good vibes, and wanted to do it in his own special way

So he donned on his favorite superhero costume, Iron Man, and traveled the rougher part of town handing out snacks, t-shirts, and smiles to the homeless.

He may not have superpowers, but helping your fellow person sure is the next best thing. 


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