Aug 112016
Iventor Builds Giant Homemade 360 Swing

This kind of ride is one that you only find at the big state fairs that are enjoyed all summer long. But that’s no big deal for crazy British inventor Colin Furze. He built his own giant 360 swing in his own backyard! Surely the neighbors are thrilled…


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Aug 102016
What Happens When You Try To Steal A Rolls-Royce Hood Ornament

The Rolls-Royce is one of the most famous super cars in the world. Only the most elite are lucky enough to be chauffeured around in the luxury carriage. So it’s no surprise so many jerks enjoy stealing the famous Rolls hood ornament, officially called The Spirit of Ecstasy. Thankfully, the engineers at Rolls-Royce have a solution for that. 


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Aug 092016
Smart Speedbump Changes Based On Car Speed

Everyone is annoyed by speed bumps, but most of us understand the safety reasoning behind them. But what about us drivers who aren’t speeding? EdevaAB has invented a new smart speed bump that only becomes an obstacles for speeders. 

This four year old video has only gone viral now with over 1.5 million new hits!


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Aug 032016
Guy Builds Homemade Hydro-Electric Generator To Power Smart Phone

Is there anything worse that being lost in the woods? How about being lost in the woods with a dead battery. That will never be a problem for this bright inventor who put together this Macgyver style hydro-electric generator which is powered by a stream. 


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Aug 012016
Genius Parks His Compact Car Under Stairs

America is known for big spaces. But that’s not the case in many other places. This man lives in an area where parking is hard to find. So he invented a perfect parking garage under the stairs. His little compact car fits just right in!

This older video is only going viral now!


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