Jun 282014
This Video Will Blow You Mind And Be The Best Part Of Your Day

Sorry, but we were just trying to demonstrate an example of click bait. What’s click bait? It’s when web sites use emotional tricks to get you to click their link. The only problem is, these posts never live up the expectations. The Internet puppets of Glove and Boots explain this ongoing problem in their latest video.

So can we all just stop using lies and emotional tricks to get Internet views?


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Jun 272014
YouTube Complaints 2014

Everyone loves watching their favorite music videos, spoofs, and cat videos on YouTube. But there’s also plenty to complain about on the world’s most popular video streaming site. Thankfully, Barely Political has held their popular YouTube complaints for the third year for the community to air their grievances . 


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Jun 262014
I Dare You To Watch This Entire Video Tests Your Attention And Patients

Can you watch this entire video? Adam Conover of College Humor veers from the gags and jokes to ponder and critique the current state of the Internet. These days, it’s nearly impossible to do one thing at a time, even if that one thing is just watching a three minute Internet video. You’ll want to open a new tab, check your Twitter, or play a song, but that would be cheating. Watch the whole thing, you can do it!


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Jun 242014
What’s On Your Mind Facebook Short Film

Facebook has quietly crept into the culture. Now, everyone is on the largest social network, sharing their successes, happy relationships, and strengths. But no one ever really shares the real thing. It’s all a front we put up to make out lives seem better than they really are.  

The Higton Bros dissect this new phenomenon in their new short film, What’s On Your Mind.   


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Jun 232014
The Internet Arguer

The Internet is a great place where people can connect from around the world, communicate, and learn. But there’s a dark side to the Web. Nearly every comment section on every famous website and social network is basically just one large troll war. Worse yet, the troll war can suck even the most rational people in, turning them into obnoxious Internet arguers


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