Okt 212011

Flula’s friend emailed him saying tomorrow they should get coffee and shoot the sh**. „Shoot the sh**?!“ Flula does not understand. If it’s dry, there will be crumbs everywhere. If it’s wet manure, it’ll splatter. Hilarious outlook. 


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Okt 192011

„The proof is in the pudding.“ We’ve all heard this saying before, but what does it actually mean. To German blogger , it doesn’t mean anything really. If you had a great scientific proof, why would you put it in pudding? Now it’s ruined. Just put the proof on the table. 


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Okt 052011

Americans are kind of obsessed with idioms. We just love ‚em. But for a foreigner who speaks English, they can still have some trouble with out idioms. This German blogger is visiting America, and just doesn’t get ’shooting fish in a barrel.‘ When you break it down, he’s right. Shooting fish in a barrel is actually not that easy, and makes no sense. Watch the same guy complain about the name Daddy Long Legs


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