Sep 192012

For some reason, Whitney Houston is still very popular in Asian countries, and her hit single I Will Always Love You is no doubt the favorite song. 

So it’s no surprise that this boy in the streets of some South-Asian country chose Always Love You. What was shocking was how he knocked the song out of the park as if he was a professional singer, and not a kid in sandals singing in the street. 

Why is everyone just standing around? Get this kid on a some Got Talent show right away!


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Sep 182012

 found a karaoke machine in a grocery store and set up I Will Always Love You, the international hit single by Whitney Houston. 

No one could have expected such a professional performance to come from a karaoke machine in the supermarket that has now gone viral after beening posted online by . Shoppers stopped in awe to watch the young woman smash the song out of the park.

The video already has garnered more than half a million hits, and is featured on HyperVocal, BuzzFeed, and NBCNews


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Mrz 092012

Jessica Sanchez has just gone viral after belting out a beautiful cover of the late Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You on American Idol. Randy Jackson flat out says she is the best in the competition and nailed ‚one of the hardest songs in the world to sing.‘ Just this video already has over one million views in two days. 




CNN even ran a short on Jessica’s performance.


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