Okt 292015
Baby Adorably Joins Dogs In Howling

Larry Woods has two labs, a chocolate and yellow one, who both loves to howl. The two dogs will frequently get into what he calls howling competitions where they will try to see who can howl loudest.

And now his cute baby son has joined in on the action. So cute!


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Apr 092015
Dogs Howling Together Will Speak To You

Car lover KROHN27 has three very cute dogs, Sky the Husky and Marshall and Sadie the Springers. The two Springers love to annoying Sky and when that happens Sky lets out a howl. Soon, the three are howling away like there’s no tomorrow. 

This pet video has gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jan 082014
Dog Adorably Fails At Siren Howl

An adorable video of a dog answering a siren with a howl just recently went viral with over 700,000 views.

That prompted YouTuber Wsubigdeal to post this video of his dog Ryder doing his best impression of the dog siren howl. 

He just can’t hack it, but boy does the Internet love him for trying. 


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