Okt 022016
HowToBasic Shows How To Remove A Stain From A Sofa

Although everyone knows what will happen at the end of the clip it gets me every time. And no stain is visible anymore – amazing!

„Today I show you how to quickly remove a stain from a sofa. This technique works on all kinds of sofas – Leather, Fabric, Microfibre, etc.“

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Aug 222016
Can Paper Cut Wood?

Paper is an example of one of the softest and weakest materials known to man. It’s easy for even those most cautious to tear a page. That’s what makes this trending clip by do-it-yourself-er John Heisz so surprising. 

He demonstrates how a homemade paper saw can cut surprisingly well. He even cuts a piece of wood!


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Aug 142016
Guy Builds Huge 30,000 Liter Aquarium In His Living Room

Most people have a big screen TV in their living room and all the nice things they want to display for the family and guests to enjoy. Aquariums are a popular choice. Eli F took his pet fish hobby to the max by building an epic 30,000 liter aquarium. 





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Aug 092016
How To Seal Foods Air-Free Without A Vacuum

We all know that air is one of the biggest enemies of fresh food. So how do you keep your favorite dishes from going bad without an expensive vacuum sealer? SeriousEats demonstrates the simple way how with just a bowl of water and a plastic zip bag. Genius! A great idea to keep steaks fresher for longer in the freezer or fridge. 


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