Aug 042012

TV show obsessed  spent two month editing, cutting, and mixing video from every episode of House MD into this epic ultimate House MD remix.

That’s right. There’s at least one clip from all 177 episodes in this glorious House MD review video that is quickly starting to trend. Already, the two day old video has over 2,000 likes, and is featured on Buzzfeed


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Jul 302012

We’ve seen tiny apartments before, but Richard and Rachel’s school bus home is just out of this world! The couple bought the old school bus for only $3,000, and got straight to work making it their own mobile home. 

It’s still a work in progress, and that’s how they like to keep it, updating their home only as they need to or if they have the extra cash.

Now, the solar panel equipped, still driveable bus has evolved into a two story home with a full bathroom, kitchen, entertainment room, and plenty of beds for friends and family.

Nearly the entire home was hand built except for a few appliances and shelving. And obviously, the bus.

The video was published by; read more about their awesome bus-home here


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Feb 072012

NSFW – disturbing content

This disturbing and disgusting video from last October is trending now more than ever. Landlord  gives the camera a tour of a house he was renting to a crazy cat lady. Only after she stopped paying rent did he go down and see how bad of a hoarder she was. Now he has a serious mess on his hands, fit for the A&E’s show Hoarders.


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Feb 022012

Michael Garnier is proud to claim that he lives in the world’s largest tree house. Even though it’s not official, it’s an exciting idea, and seems plausible as the enormous 1,800 sq ft home is supported in the air by seven huge oak trees. The video is featured on LaughingSquid, FairCompanies, and TheBlaze.




Here’s a longer video of more of Michael’s amazing treehouses and wood inventions featured on BoingBoing


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Sep 102011

As the economic outlook of the country gets worse everyday, people are figuring out ways to pinch every last penny. One of the greatest cost of living expenses is your house, so those who are serious about saving money need not look far. But it’s doubtful that many Americans would go as far to live in a dumpster. Or maybe this is the sad future of America?


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