Okt 192016
Honest Trailers: Ghostbusters

Screen Junkies have disable the commenting function beneath their Honest Trailer video for the new Ghostbusters movie. Might have it’s reasons…

„Well…. we’re really doing this. Here goes nothing?“

via: geeksaresexy

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Okt 072016
Honest Trailers – The Flash

Wow – 1.7 million views within more or less a day. That is Flash-speed! The Screen Junkies explain us, what the tv show „The Flash“ really is about.

„Run, don’t walk, to see the CW combine the campiest parts of the Flash comic you love with YA soap drama.“

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Aug 172016
Honest Trailer Of Gladiator

When it debuted, Gladiator was one of the most successful Roman drama films ever. The action, story, and acting still stand up well to this day. So Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the Russel Crowe film their signature Honest Trailer treatment. 


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Aug 102016
Honest Trailer Of The 2016 Emmys

With the Internet exploding, there is more entertaining content than ever before. Even the unemployed don’t have the time to watch every amazing show. Since the 2016 Emmys are only a month away, Screen Junkies covers the best shows of the year that will be featured during the award ceremony. 


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