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Santa Signing To Little Girl Who Is Hard Of Hearing Will Melt Your Heart

Everything is harder when your child has a disability. Mark took their little toddler daughter to visit Santa Claus at the Cleveland Centre Middlesbrough, and had to explain that she doesn’t talk much because she is hard of hearing. But cheerful old Saint Nick didn’t hesitate, and immediately started communicating with her in sign language. This adorable video has gone viral with over 200,000 views!


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Things Get Really Creepy At Christmas Party When Guests Deman

Things are always a little tense when you’re the new couple at the neighborhood holiday party. But if the people are nice, it’s easy to make new friends and acquaintances. Things were going great at first at this Christmas party. 

But the situation quickly unraveled when Doug, played by Ryan Gosling, and Gina, played by Vanessa Bayer, thought they were going to meet the real Santa Claus. Seriously… WTF? 


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Burgers Inspired By The Holidays Will Make You Drool

When you think of the holidays, foods like mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, honey glazed ham, and turkey come to mind. Hamburgers are definitely not on the list. That’s more Fourth of July. But Food, People, Places wants to change all that. So they created seven mouth watering burgers inspired by Christmas. YUM!


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Giant Light Switch In New York

The holidays can be a little rough in New York City. To help make things more cheerful, Improv Everywhere set up a bright surprise at Father Demo Square in Manhattan. When passersby flipped the giant red light switch, the entire park would light up with Christmas lights. Even the people walking around the park would light up. Happy Holidays!


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‘Brothers’ From The Hood Go Caroling In Suburbia Prank

Pranksters on YouTube absolutely love messing with people in the so-called hood. You can get lost searching through all the ‚in the hood‘ pranks. But you probably shouldn’t as most of them are offensive, stupid, or both.

YouTube prankster Tom Mabe was inspired by the holiday season to turn the classic ‚in the hood‘ prank on its head. So he had intimidating looking ‚brothers‘ from the hood knock on some doors in suburbia, and sing Christmas carols


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