Jan 182016
Hipster Commercials Are the Worst

Even if you can’t put your finger on it, you’ve definitely noticed it. A few years back, everything hipster suddenly, and ironically, became cool. Soon, every store, from Walmart to Target, was selling to ‚hipster‘ glasses, hats, and jeweler.

Then the commercials came. You know, the touchy-feely ones with artsy-fartsy young people celebrating their individuality by buying an expensive mainstream product like the newest iPhone. Steven Rosenthal is sick of all this, so he made this hilarious hipster commercial parody


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Jan 282015
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Hipsters With Fake Healthy Juice Made From Sugar Water

Los Angeles is the epicenter of hipster foodie trends and crazes. Nowadays, there’s a huge trend around so called ‚cold pressed‘ juices that are supposed to be healthier and better for you, but are outrageously expensive.

So Jimmy sent a camera crew to the organic Farmer’s Market to prank shoppers with his brand of healthy juices. Expect his juices were made from powered punch and candies, such as Tang and Skittles. Not exactly healthy or natural. But that doesn’t matter to hipsters. To them it’s called fresh juice and cost a fortune so it must be better. 


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Apr 012014
Do It Yourself Car Honda April Fools Commercial

Honda knows there are potential hipster costumers out there who aren’t satisfied with a mainstream, already built car.

When you’re already making your own homemade kombucha and yarn, why not out-hipster your friends by building your own car?

Thankfully, this humorous commercial for Honda’s first DIY car is an April Fools joke.   


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Mrz 092014
Crazy Artists Live In Human Hamster Wheel Apartment

New York Daily News reports that artists Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder have begun an outrageous performance art piece called ‚In Orbit.‘

The two constructed a giant human hamster wheel of sorts that they plan to live in, or on, for ten days. One lives in the inner parts of the wheel, while another lives on the outer. 

They constructed the giant wheel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and have included all the necessary amenities, even a working bathroom and kitchen sink. 

To use different parts of their apartment, they must walk in tandem to move the ‚room‘ into the center of the wheel. 

The project highlights „the relationship between roommates, space, and reliance on partners.“


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