Sep 022015
Man Builds His Own Flying Helicopter With Matrix Of Drone

Now that flying quadrotors, often referred to as drones, have dropped so significantly in price, nerds and inventors are able to see just how far this technology can take them. And for one inventor, it’s actually pretty far. Or high that is. One man built a giant flying machine using a matrix of 54  flying rotors. Incredibly, he actually flew with his device! 


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Aug 072015
Military Helicopter Flying Close To Highway Is Pure Russia

The Internet knows that things are little bit different in Russia. Could you imagine driving down the highway to see, not a car or truck in front of you, but a military attack helicopter? That’s exactly what CreamGoMango saw while traveling down a Ukrainian highway.

This video has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Jul 232015
Nerd Rescues His Lost Drone With Another Drone

It was only a few years ago when quadrocopters, or drones as people like to call them now, were very expensive. Now they have dropped in price tremendously. Drone enthusiast Harrisen Howes lost one of his copters when his silly roommate got it stuck on the roof after having one too many drinks. Two months later, he equipped a larger drone with a coat hanger and a camera to rescue the lost drone. The resulting video of his adventure has gone viral!


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