Jun 192015
Sonic the Hedgehog In Real Life Is The Cutest

Super fast video games hero Sonic the Hedgehog has seen better days. Most kids barely even know who he is anymore, and now his games are playable on Nintendo. That’s just embarrassing. The Watercooler decided to shake the Sonic world up by imagining what the blue hedgehog would look like in real life. It’s a lot slower and the action is pretty dull, but this new Sonic makes up for it in the adorable department. 


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Jul 082014
Tiny Birthday For A Tiny Hedgehog Is The Cutest Things You’ll See Today

Hello Denizen have become well known online for their adorable videos featuring all things tiny. Their first two tiny videos featuring tiny hamsters eating tiny burritos and pizza have exploded online with over 10 million views together!

Now, they have returned to satisfy the Internet’s appetite for more tiny cuty things. This time, they held a tiny birthday party for a tiny hedgehog. Two tiny hamsters were even guests at the party and they all enjoyed perfectly tiny cake. They even used poker chips as plates! OMG! The cute is too much!!


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Sep 292013
Cat Sits On Hedgehog, Quickly Learns Lesson

‚Curiosity killed the cat‘ goes the old saying, but in this case curiosity poked the cat

While YouTuber Mamoth100 was introducing her 8 month old ragdoll cat to her 15 month old African pygmy hedgehog, curiosity got the best of Lily the kitty.

After attempting to prod and poke Lucy the ‚hog, Lily tried sitting down on the prickly needle puff, and quickly learned to keep a safe distance. 

Now, this cute pet clip has gone viral over the weekend, garnering over 200,000 views already. 


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Jan 312013

This adorable pet video by TheSorryGirls has gone viral, quickly collecting over 190,000 hits in one day. Loki the kitten meets Harley the hedgehog for the first time, and is naturally curious as a kitten. Harley, on the other hand, is a little more cautious about his new friend. 


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Okt 052012

NSFW Warning – Language!

 was one of the first popular online video bloggers before sites like YouTube were even thought possible. Now, he has been overshadowed by countless other online personalities, but his serious fan base remains. 

He has just recently gone viralviral again this week with a very humorous and extremely nonfactual „True Facts About HedgeHogs“ video that already has over 100,000 hits. The viral video is further reviewed on HuffingtonPost, TheDailyWhat, NowMSN, and BIOTV.


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