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Remember the Backstreet Boys? Remember the Harlem Shake?

Well, the princes of the 90’s decided they should probably jump on the band wagon and finally made this, very late, Harlem Shake video. 

„Better late than never, right?“ they ask. Probably not, but at least they added in some actual choreography, unlike most HS videos which usually just features people nonsensically shaking their bodies.  

Since debuting over the weekend, their new Harlem Shake video has collected over one million views, and is covered on Mashable, WebProNews, and PopWatch.


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The Harlem Shake. Finally it’s over. Or is it?

Popular YouTubers The Fine Bros wanted to close the now dead meme with some style, so they gathered up their kids from their popular Kids React series to show them the crazy dancing meme, and see how they react

By the time the third viral rendition of the Shake starts playing, even one little girl rolls her eyes, and asks, ‚How many are there?“

More than you’ll ever know little one, more than you’ll ever know. 


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The Miami Heat went viral last week with their own professional athlete packed Harlem Shake video. Incredibly, that video stands with over 35 million views

Now, the Minnesota Timber Wolves have made this Harlem Shake video in response. Thankfully, they add a much needed twist to their performance, ripping on the Heat. In one day, the new video has collected over one million views


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With the magic of YouTube, fads like the now dreaded Harlem Shake can spread across the world with swift ease. Dutch Parkinson’s awareness group Vereniging Parkinson joined the ‚fun‘ with this very serious PSA that seems to start off like any other Harlem Shake video. 

But then the shaking dancer that is the focus of the video falls over. He wasn’t dancing the Harlem Shake, he has Parkinson’s Disease!

The week old, in-your-face PSA, appropriately titled Worst Harlem Shake Ever, stands with over 90,000 hits. Some viewers think the advert went to far, but the majority agree the message definitely hits home, and that’s all that matters.  


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Man. There used to be a time when The Simpsons were on the cutting edge. They made the trends. They didn’t sadly follow them after they were long gone and dead. 

But on the other hand what do you expect from TV’s longer running scripted sitcom? At some point, it’s not as fresh as it used to be.

Nevertheless, here is The Simpsons, very official, Homer Shake dance video. Since debuting over the weekend, the animated Harlem Shake spoof has already accumulated over 5 million hits


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