Mai 112014
Bride And Groom Perform Their Wedding Vows As Song

Michael and Carissa are more than just a music duo. The two are the sole musicians of the band Us The Duo, but after working together so much they decided to date, and finally, to get married. They weren’t planning on doing this, but a few weeks ago they were writing a new song together and realized what they were writing was their vows for each other. In less than a week, their wedding vows performance, titled No Matter Where You Are, has gone viral with over 1.2 million hits!


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Mai 082014
two guitars

When YouTube was just starting, Andy McKee posted his super chill guitar song Drifting online. His 2006 video stands with over 49 million views!

Youtuber Jason Kertson covered the relaxing song back 2011, but his video has only gone viral now. Why is his cover garnering so much attention? Because he performed the song on two guitars at once!


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Apr 272014
Bailey McConnell Performs His Own Song On Britain’s Got Talent

Fourteen year old Bailey McConnell impressed the audience and judges on Britain’s Got Talent performing his own song on guitar. The teen focused the hardships in his life into his music, and it really paid off in the end. After his performance, the audience and judges were on their feet applauding.  


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