Jun 162015
Metallica Performs National Anthem Before NBA Finals

Famous celebrities and pop stars are often invited to big time sporting events to sing the national anthem. Sadly, most of them put their own twist on the Star Spangled Banner, and usually ruin it. Instead of having a singer, the NBA had James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica come and play the Star Spangled Banner on electric guitar before the game 5 of the Finals in Oakland. 


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Jun 122015
Toddler Adorably Rocks Out To Rage Against The Machine On Guitar Hero

Most people get into the Rage Against The Machine during their rebellious teenage years. But Gabe White’s adorable two year old toddler is already a raging rocker! While the classic hit Bulls on Parade was blasting the cute kid totally rocked out while ‚playing‘ Guitar Hero. Rock on little one, rock on! 


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Jun 052015
Two Guys Perform Rocking Blues On Toy Guitar At Walmart

Walmart gets a pretty bad rap on the Internet. From their shoppers to their business ethics, everyone rips on Walmart. But for once a video has instantly gone viral featuring something positive at Walmart. Musician Clay Shelburn and his friend Zac Stokes were messing around while shopping at Walmart, and ended up performing the blues classic Pride and Joy with a toy guitar


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Jun 042015
Brain Surgery Patient Plays Guitar And Sings Yesterday By The Beatles During Procedure

Brazilian Anthony Kulkamp required a very delicate and dangerous brain surgery to remove a tumor. Since the procedure was so dangerous, the doctors kept Anthony awake and even had him play guitar to ensure everything stayed neurologically sound. It’s no surprise this unique video of Anthony playing and singing The Beatles classic Yesterday while doctors worked on his brain has gone viral!


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Mai 132015
Adam Sandler Sings Farewell To David Letterman

It’s actually quite shocking to think that David Letterman has been hosting The Late Show for over 20 years. Now that his acclaimed late night show is coming to a close, celebrity guests are taking the opportunity to say their goodbyes. Last week, Tina Fey stripped down to spanx to say her farewell and went viral with over 14 million views!

Now, comedian and singer Adam Sandler is trending after singing a special musical ode in honor of Dave


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