Apr 032014
Honda’s Fastest Lawnmower

Honda makes many different types of engines and machines. But they are also well known for their racing technology. So it’s no surprise that the popular Japanese motor company has unveiled the world’s fastest lawnmower.  

It’s even official according to the world famous Guinness World Records

Just imagine mowing the lawn Sunday afternoon and shocking the neighbors with your mower capable of speeds over 115 miles per hour! 


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Mar 172014
Lego Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube In Record Time

Robotics group ARMflix has smashed the world record for solving a Rubik’s Cube with their latest iteration of their Lego robot, the CUBESTORMER 3. 

Using a smartphone to ‘see,’ the ‘bot solved a jumbled Rubik’s Cube in a mind-numbing 3.25 seconds, a new Guinness World Record!

They accomplished the amazing feat at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK. 


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Nov 262013
Christmas Lights World Record

This ITN news report has gone viral in anticipation of Christmas

There’s always that family in the neighborhood who goes all out with their Christmas lights and decorations.

But no one in the world can compete with this Australian family who just won this year’s Guinness World Record for having the most Christmas lights on their home

Over half a million Christmas lights that is. 

The electric bill of around $2,500 more than usual? Apparently worth ever penny for Saint Nick. 


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Nov 222013
100,000 Dominoes Course Ends With Tallest Domino Structure Falling

Austrian Domino Art has gone viral, and has won a Guinness World Record, for their impressive 100,000 piece dominoes course

Built by 50 students of the HLUW Yspertal, the impressive course included countless pictures, symbols, and Rube Goldberg style tricks, and ended magnificently by collapsing the tallest dominoes structure ever built. 


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Nov 152013
Harlem Globetrotter Scores World Record Basketball Shot

The world famous Harlem Globetrotters are famous for their impressive basketball trick and dunks, but world records?

Now they are famous for that too!

Rookie Thunder Law has gone viral, and won a Guinness World Record, scoring a 109 feet 9 inches basketball shot!


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