Mrz 012011

Sometimes it’s hard to get all the protein you need. You can try eating a boring can of tuna fish, or eat some of this. What the hell did they just make?

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Feb 012011

People drink sugary drinks without even realizing the amount of actual sugar they are taking in. All that sugar can cause serious health problems. With so many soda and sugar commercials, there should be more commercials like this. New York City is fighting fire with fire. Harsh but true.

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Jan 262011

I honestly can’t tell if this is real, and if it is real, how can it be real? You know Vitamin Water? Well now there’s Meat Water. WTF?! Colored waters that taste like chicken salads, cheeseburgers, and more animal dishes. They are even shaped similarly to Vitamin Water. Hey, you never know, this might pick up. And if it does, you know the world is ending.

Here’s one of the flavors on their official website, DinnerInABottle.comGrilled chicken salad . So, do you think this is real?

Read the AOL News report on Meat Water here.

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