Dez 312014
Great Dane Is Much Too Big For Tiny Doggy Bed

Just like people, dogs will grow attached to certain objects from their childhood. The only problem for this dog is that Great Danes grow up to be, well, great! But this big pup doesn’t care, he still circles hit tiny doggy bed as if he can fit and plops half his body down onto it.

Such a good boy. 


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Sep 072014
Spoiled Great Dane Adorably Argues With Owner

Ron Cameron has two extremely large Great Danes. But their size doesn’t make them any less child like. In this cute clip, Dinky ‚argues‘ with Ron over the fact that his brother Ro-Ro was getting ‚lovies‘ and he wasn’t. So what does Dinky do? He throws a temper tantrum of course!


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Feb 092014
Britain’s Biggest Dog Is Huge

Freddie the Great Dane sure is great alright. Danes are naturally large dogs, but Freddie dwarfs even his brothers and sisters at over seven feet tall while standing on his hind legs. 

Barcroft TV reports owner Claire Stoneman spends over ₤80 a week just on dog food. 

He’s basically the closest thing to a real life Clifford. 


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Jun 182013

It may feel like the dog is always the first one in the house awake, running up and down the halls while you’re still trying to grab a few Z’s, but as is evident from this new viral video, apparently not all dogs are morning creatures. 

Jaz the Great Dane is sleeping in bed like any kid when dad wakes her up for a morning walk. Problem is, Jaz is still sleepy, and makes her exhaustion well known. Finally, she gives in and gets out of bed. 

DSLetmein2012 actually posted the adorable video just over two months ago, but it has only gone viral now, garnering over a quarter million views just over the past few days. 


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Mai 292013

Kerry Pitter’s great dane Hugo is definitely great in size, but don’t let that fool you. The fourteen month old pup is such a tender thing, he seemed an utter nervous wreck when meeting the new member of the family, an adorable four day gosling.

To make matters cuter, the baby goose didn’t seem the least bit nervous about the huge carnivore just centimeters in front of it. 

The two month old video is featured on SayOMG, TastefullyOffensive, and HuffPostUK


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