Apr 122012

The more Internet culture grows, the more it seeps into reality. And it’s always fun to watch the mainstream news try to explain a meme, or Internet fad. They always seem to do a terrible job. They just don’t get the Internet

The latest viral meme to hit the news is Ridiculously Photogenic Guy. His name is really Zeddie Little, and after a smiling photogenic picture on Flickr of him running in a marathon went viral on Reddit, it spread across the ’net like wild fire.

Now ABC’s Good Morning America invited him for an awkward interview that has also gone viral. 


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Nov 212011

After basically giving permission for police to pepper spray student Occupy protesters over the weekend, countless numbers of concerned citizens, as well as many professors, have demanded she resign. But she says she will not resign, and that the school needs her now more than ever, even after seeing the mass silent protest the night before when walking to her car. 


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Okt 102010

Rick Sanchez says he was tired, but didn’t mean his direspectful remarks. He admits his feelings were what caused him to call Stewart a bigot. He then talks about how America has no minorities who host a prime time news show and how John Stewart always picks on him.

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