Okt 192016
Honest Trailers: Ghostbusters

Screen Junkies have disable the commenting function beneath their Honest Trailer video for the new Ghostbusters movie. Might have it’s reasons…

„Well…. we’re really doing this. Here goes nothing?“

via: geeksaresexy

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Nov 102014
Ghostbusters VS Mythbusters Rap Battle

Nerds love ‚busters of all kind, be it the Ghostbusters or the Mythbusters. But which ‚buster is best? Sure, the Ghostbusters can zap and capture even the most powerful of ghosts, but the Mythbusters can simply disprove their existence. To finally decide who is king, the two competed in an Epic Rap Battle. So, who won?


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Feb 282014
Cute Kittens Recreate Ghostbusters

Generation Xers are mourning over the loss of one of the Ghostbusters, actor and director Harold Ramis, who recently passed. 

The Pet Collective decided to recreate Ghostbusters with adorable kittens as a tribute to Harold. 


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Feb 072013

Back in the 80’s, there were few things cooler than the Super Mario Bros. and the Ghostbusters. Now, twenty years later, the two popular franchises have finally been melded together by the genius mind of James Farr.

The nerd animator created this Super Mario Busters animation video that has garnered over 100,000 views in less than a week.


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