Feb 072013

Back in the 80’s, there were few things cooler than the Super Mario Bros. and the Ghostbusters. Now, twenty years later, the two popular franchises have finally been melded together by the genius mind of James Farr.

The nerd animator created this Super Mario Busters animation video that has garnered over 100,000 views in less than a week.


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Okt 312012

NSFW Warning – Police swearing 

Halloween is a fun day for kids to dress up and get free candy. For adults, Halloween is a fun day to dress up, get drunk, and act like a „stupid idiot.“

This year, a certain drunk guy in a Ghostbusters costume won the Internet award for being awesomely drunk, and getting arrested. While the police were in the neighborhood to seemingly deal with rowdy Halloween parties, the Ghostbuster thought it would be a great idea to climb a cop car, and backflip over an officer

Naturally, the cops arrest him, and naturally, they take it too far. After the stunt, it was quite obvious the ‚Buster wasn’t a threat, just a fool. Nevertheless, one officer body slammed the drunk against his car, grabbed his neck, and sneered, „Don’t you f—-ing move! You don’t f—-ing do that you stupid idiot!“

The acrobat was arrested for mischief and being drunk in a public place, which has viewers shocked. „He was drunk when he did that?!?!“

Tannery Media Zoo caught the whole scene (LEGALLY, according to CTVNews) on camera, and now the video is going viral, being further featured on TMZ, Reddit, and CosbySweater


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Aug 192012

Popular and very quirky  channel is back with another famous music number covered using old computer floppy drives

Some music just fits the crude, stiff sounding noises a floppy makes, and the Ghostbusters theme song is one of those. That 80’s rock beat just melds so well with the computer parts from the same time era. 


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Mai 142012

There are countless movies based in the world famous Big Apple, and one that just screams New York is Ghost Busters.

Big time GB fans, Patrick and Matt of LumberJack Films, thought it would be fun to check out every location from famous scenes in the film all in one day. And to top that, they try their best to recreate the scene themselves. 

Their ‚tour guide‚ has instantly gone viral, and is covered on NeatoramaLaughingSquid, CBSNews, and MarySue


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Sep 022011

Ecto-Cooler was a green orange-tangerine Hi C drink created initially as a promotion for Ghost Busters 2 in the late 80’s that lived on much longer. Any true nerd growing up in the 80’s cherished the green colored drink, and now, with help from this tutorial, can bring their favorite childhood beverage back to 2011. The video is shared on ToplessRobot


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