Feb 132014
News Reporter Dale Hansen’s Reaction To Michael Sam Coming Out Might Surprise You

The sports world responded in shock when Missouri’s defensive end Michael Sam came out as gay

Dale Hansen of WFAA news doesn’t have an issue with Michael, he has a serious issue with the people so against an openly gay NFL player.

He’s absolutely befuddled how the same organization that has no problem with violent, drunk driving criminals playing for them can have an issue with a player’s personal love life. 

MyDailyWorldNews reposted Dale’s response, titled Celebrating our differences, which has gone viral on YouTube


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Feb 052014
The Luge Is A Little Gay Canadian PSA

Much of the world is furious that the Olympics will go on as planned in Russia after the country passed anti-LGBT legislation.

Canada is voicing their opposition to the new laws with this new PSA by the The Canadian Institute of Diversity and Inclusion.

As they succinctly demonstrate, the luge and much of the Olympics have always been a little gay.  


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Jan 092014
‘Mean Boyz’ Gay Parody Of ‘Mean Girls’

Musician and prominent YouTuber Todrick Hall has again gone viral with this hilarious and super fierce parody of the 2004 Lindsday Lohan high school movie Mean Girls in honor of the film’s 10 year anniversary. 

Instead of taking on the Barbie bully girl click The Plastics, Codie and his new friends must socially battle The Ken Dolls. 

The new mock trailer has already amassed over 400,000 hits!


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Dez 022013
Tom Daley Comes Out That He’s Dating A Guy

British diving star Tom Daley has instantly gone viral today with this personal YouTube video

Like so many before him, he decided to finally come out of the closet online, and tell the world that he has a new boyfriend. 

The video has already garnered over one million views, and is featured on BBC, CBC, and USAToday


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Nov 032013
Kids React To Gay Marriage

The The Fine Brothers usual showcase kids reacting in cute ways to silly Internet memes and viral videos for their famous Kids React show.

But for their most recent episode, they chose to feature the sensitive subject of gay marriage. 

Kids ranging from 5 to 13 years old where shown viral videos featuring same-sex proposals, such as the now viral famous Home Depot marriage proposal, to catch their natural reactions. 

As anticipated, kids these days don’t really think gay marriage is that big of a deal. 


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