Okt 212016
Girl Wants Ship To Honk And Regrets It Instantly

If you really happen to not have seen this four year old clip yet, that is wondering around the net the last days (and got over 4 million views!) – do it. Do it now. Before you regret it like the girl in it… HONK!

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Sep 192016
Just a cat riding a roomba in style

You have seen cats, you have seen roombas and you have seen cats on roombas – but this is reaching a whole new level of coolness and sweetness!

„They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin‘ dirty
Tryin to catch me ridin‘ dirty…“

via: geeksaresexy

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Sep 132016
Surprise Press Conference Prank

It’s amazing. When most people see someone speaking to the public on the streets we assume they are trying to sell us something or they’re crazy. But give that person a couple microphones and cameras pointed at them, and suddenly we listen and believe them. Improv Everywhere tested this idea by setting up a slew of TV microphones on steps of the New York Public Library to see what happens when passersby give a press conference 


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Sep 122016
Guy And His Friends Can’t Stop Laughing After Accidentally Buying Cow At Cattle Auction

All auctions are fast passed to keep the momentum going. But cattle auctions are especially quick. It almost appears to be in another language. Bert Kreischer and his friends went to a cattle auction and for fun he decided to make a bid. 

The only problem was that no one else bid afterwards. His friend couldn’t stop laughing after Bert realized he just dropped $1,400 on a cow!


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