Mrz 122015
Kids Try Frog Legs For The First Time

Frog legs are a popular delicacy, but it’s easily one of the most ‚grown up‘ foods there are. Most kids couldn’t be bribed with a bucket of ice cream to taste a frog leg. Somehow, the Fine Brothers were able to convince a bunch of kids to taste test frog legs for the first time. 

Of course, the fact that they didn’t know exactly what they were eating at first definitely helped. Also, who doesn’t love fried food?


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Sep 172013
True Facts About The Frog

The frog really is a creature seemingly from science fiction. From tadpole to skin eating adult, the wishy-washy water bouncer is just plain weird. So that makes the critter a perfect specimen for eccentric YouTuber Ze Frank to feature on True Facts series


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Feb 172013

Dean Boshoff recorded a short clip of the adorably precious Namaqua Rain Frog while at the sandy dunes along Port Nolloth in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.

The tiny rain frog produces the cutest squeak ever, reminiscent of a squeaky dog toy, that is used as a defense cry. In less than a week, the cute video has already garnered over 350,000 views just on YouTube alone. 


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Sep 042012

Most creatures in the animal kingdom are instinctually averse to their natural predators. Which is why this strange acting caterpillar has been dubbed the ‚Suicidal Caterpillar.‘

The little guy literally walks up and dances in front of a frog, almost like it’s screaming, ‚Eat Me Please!

The short nature video went viral over the weekend on Reddit, garnering hundreds of thousands of hits, and has subsequently spread to sites like NineMSNBIOTV, Yababoon, BuzzFeed.


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Apr 232012

This ridiculous video has viewers reminded of the classic Merry Melodies cartoon One Froggy Evening. It may not seem like much, but the frog sitting on a bench as a person would is really captivating audiences, prompting the new video to be featured on Buzzfeed, Reddit, StuffIStole, and Guyism


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