Okt 072015
Drunk Guy Demanding Mac And Cheese Gets Arrested

Ahh, college, a time for underage kids to guzzle alcohol and get in trouble. This UConn student wasn’t looking for any trouble. He just wanted some jalapeno mac and cheese. But when the manager gave him the bad news, he became quite irate and was eventually arrested for disturbing the peace. Now, this crazy clip has gone viral with over 1.75 million hits!


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Okt 042015
Little Girl Is Adorably Freaks Out After Hearing Adam Levine Got Married

Many young people have a celebrity crush. Little Mila simply loves pop music star Adam Levine from Maroon 5. But mom Veronica has some bad news for Mila. As most people know, Adam got married to Behati Prinsloo in 2014. Poor little Mila was crushed by the news, and now her adorable reaction has gone viral with over 3 million views!


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Sep 052015
Crazy, Rude Woman At Kebab Shop Meets Karma At The End

We’ve all experienced it at least once before. We’re out at a restaurant with friends or family to enjoy an evening of good food and company only for some jerk to ruin the mood for everyone. And it’s always over something so small. Oneeyednewt was at a kebab restaurant when a woman who didn’t get exactly what she ordered freaked out at the staff. After berating the workers for a full minute, she stormed out of the store, only to walk right into the door. This hilarious video has instantly gone viral with over 1.75 million hits!


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Aug 262015
Baby Has The Best Reaction To Meeting Cat Ever

It’s always a tense moment when the family pet meets the new baby for the first time. But thankfully, the Merkley Family’s cat gets along with the new baby great. Just watch in this precious viral video as the baby literally freaks out in the best way when they bring the cat into her crib. So cute! In less than two weeks, this touching video has amassed over 4 million views!


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Aug 092015
Guy Tries To Get Marmot To Leave His House

He doesn’t explain how it got there, but somehow, a yellow bellied marmot got into Brian Willett’s house. Or some kind of large rodent. Either way, Brian attempted to talk to the creature to coax it to leave, but that didn’t really work very well. Imagine that. An animal that doesn’t understand English. 


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