Okt 102016
James Corden Takes Over as Coach of Arsenal F.C.

Probably not the best interims coach the Gunners had, but Late Late Show host James Corden might be the funniest yet!

„When Arsenal F.C. heads to Los Angeles, James Corden takes the reins of the club and works on team building, sports psychology and celebrations.“

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Sep 212016
Football and football fails

„Football“ and „Football“ – these comepletely different sports do have one thing in common: There do happen a lot of funny fails… Good thing, FailArmy has put a lot of them together. Six minutes of entertainment for everyone*.

(*people who say „football“ and people who say „soccer“)

„Which sport is it? The one where you kick the ball with your foot, or is it the one where you toss around the brown egg?“

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Feb 082016
Key And Peele Take Excessive Celebrations Too Far

Comedy Central stars Key and Peele made a special appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night after the Super Bowl. The two comedians starred in this hilarious football sketch of taking excessive celebrations too far. 


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Feb 082016
Taco Bell ‘Bigger Than’ Super Bowl Commercial

Taco Bell scored a touchdown with their Super Bowl commercial this year. To introduce their brand new Quesalupa, which incorporates cheese in the shell, they made a long connected list of all the things „this is going to be bigger than.“ 


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Feb 082016
Broncos Fan Spends $30,000 On Super Bowl Trip

The Super Bowl is the largest sports event in America. Naturally, tickets to the big game cost an arm and a leg. This Denver Broncos fan admitted on the news that he spent „21“ on the game. As in $21 grand! Even the interviewer was surprised. 

At least it wasn’t a complete waste of money as Denver won. 


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