Sep 082016
Kids Try Sandwiches From The Past 100 Years

Today, burgers and peanut butter sandwiches are probably the two most popular sandwiches for kids to request when it’s lunch time. But that wasn’t always the case. Food trends have changed over the years. 

To see what kids think of sandwiches from the past, Bon Appétit had a group of children taste test popular sandwiches from the past 10 decades. Some look really good! 


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Aug 232016
Magician Literally Starts Smoldering While Eating Hot Wings

Like so many other restaurants, Buffalo Wild Wings offers a super hot wing challenge. Eat all the burning hot, hot chicken wings in the time allotted and you are often honored with a picture, a prize, and of course a free meal. 

Magician Rahat decided to throw in some magic while attempting the Buffalo Wild Wings hot wings challenge. Halfway into the super hot wings he literally started smoking and smoldering! The reactions of onlookers is hilarious!


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Aug 122016
Seth Rogen Pranks Grocery Shoppers With Talking Food

Comedian Seth Rogen has literally made history with his new animated film Sausage Party. It is the first CGI cartoon to be rated-R. In honor of his new film, Seth and his crew teamed up with a grocery in New York to prank shoppers with animatronic food. 


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Aug 092016
How To Seal Foods Air-Free Without A Vacuum

We all know that air is one of the biggest enemies of fresh food. So how do you keep your favorite dishes from going bad without an expensive vacuum sealer? SeriousEats demonstrates the simple way how with just a bowl of water and a plastic zip bag. Genius! A great idea to keep steaks fresher for longer in the freezer or fridge. 


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Jul 102016
Gordon Ramsay Perfect Takes A Part A Lobster

Lobster is one of the most popular dishes to order at a seafood restaurant. But making it at home can be tricky, especially for an unskilled chef. Thankfully, world famous British chef Gordon Ramsay explains how to completely take apart a fresh lobster in this clip from the latest episode of his TV show MasterChef. 


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