Dez 122014
Epic Christmas Card Includes Flip Book Style Animations And Music

Most Christmas cards are boring cards that offer season’s greetings and that’s it. Maybe you might receive something more lively in online in an e-card. But the animators and artists at Birdbox Studio have cleverly merged the entertainment of an animated e-card with the quaintness of a traditional card using flip-book style animation. There’s even snow at the end of the song! Awesome! 


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Sep 142013
Lionel Messi Flipbook Tribute

YouTuber etoilec1 is famous online for his impressive and extensive flipbook animations. His latest flip book creation is a tribute to Argentinian soccer captain Lionel Messi. With the added sports reporter and background noise it almost feels like watching an actual soccer match. Impressively, the week old video stands with over half a million views!


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Jan 292013

Etoilec1 is a flip book master. He creates short video clips by drawing each frame on a piece of a paper in the flip book, and then running through the book in front of the camera. 

He has gone viral after his near perfect recreation of the world famous Gangnam Style music video has started to spread across the web. The video has been covered by DigitalSpy, DailyMail, and HyperVocal



Hit play on the original for music. 


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Nov 152011

Paul is a smooth guy, so he knows a gift from the heart is worth so much more than anything for sale at the mall. His girlfriend Emma was turning twenty, so he drew her a glorious slow flip book story that he recorded and added Your Hand In Mine by Explosions In The Sky.

After one minute you will be drawn in. After three minutes you’ll forget your watching a flip book, as it truly feels like a motion picture. Best present ever! The video is featured on Neatorama and YouTubeTrends


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