Jul 102016
Why No Aquarium Has A Great White Shark

As most of us know, the great white shark is the most feared and dangerous fish in the world. Every movie featuring terrifying sharks showcases the great white. So why can’t you find a great white shark at the local aquarium, asks Vox?


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Jun 292016
Alabama Country Girl Catches Giant Catfish With Bare Hands

There’s country and then there’s Hannah Barron. The nineteen year old Alabama girl may only be five feet tall, but she can put most guys to shame with her impressive fishing and hunting career. She especially likes to catch catfish with her bare hands just by sticking her hand down their throat! Now, she’s gone viral with millions of views and her own TV show after the Web watched as she caught a 30 pound catfish! 


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Mai 042016
Giant Tuna Swallows Seagull Then Spit It Out

Usually, it’s the birds that are preying on the fish in the ocean. But the food chain was flipped on its own head in this trending clip. A man by the dock noticed a huge tuna swimming about when suddenly the large fish literally swallowed a seagull that had just dived into the water to catch a much smaller fish. Obviously, the bird didn’t taste that great, because the tuna quickly spit the bird out. Now, this clip has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Apr 302016
Deep Sea Jellyfish Look Like Aliens

Jellyfish are already haunting and creepy creatures that might be one of the weirdest found on our planet. But somehow, the deep ocean explorers of the Marianas expedition have found an even stranger, alien looking jellyfish 3,700 meters under water. 


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