Jun 102016
Crazy Guy Builds 5000 Fireworks Deathstar

Now that summer is finally in full swin it’s time for pool parties, BBQ’s, and of course fire works! To celebrate his YouTube channel reaching 3,000,000 subscribers, crazy British inventor Colin Furze built an epic deathstar consisting of 5,000 fireworks. Boom!


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Mrz 072016
Spiral Catherine Wheel Fireworks In Slow Motion

Everyone knows that fireworks always look better in slow motion. For their latest project, The Slow Mo Guys took a simple Catherine pinwheel firework and spun it around while recording with their super slow-mo camera. The results are stunning. 


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Jan 062016
Giant Roman Candle Minigun Is The Coolest Way To Launch Fireworks

The Roman Candle is probably the most boring and tame of all the fireworks out there. But if you’re going to launch Roman Candles, this is the coolest way to do it. Aspahn2009 somehow built a giant Roman Candle minigun using 3 inch PVC tubes, tape, and a whole bunch of fireworks. The huge contraption can fire 1,000 candles in less than a minute. 


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Jan 052016
Steel Wool Sparklers

Fire works are fun, but this is an awesome experiment you can try at home to make your own homemade sparkler using just steel wool. Since the metal is shredded into such small piece, it easily burns when lit on fire. 

The Crazy Russian Hacker took a large piece of steel wool and by attaching to to a rope was able to spin it around in his backyard to make a giant spraying sparkler. Of course, it you do try this at home, please be very careful! 


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