Dec 262013
Superman vs Hulk Part 3

The Hulk and Superman have been battling since 2011 in eye-popping CGI shorts created by 3D animator Mike Habjan

Together, his first Part 1 and Part 2 have amassed over 40 million views!

Finally, he has returned to Part 3 of the action packed series.


Via TheAwesomer

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Dec 082013
Epic Wedding Ceremony Battle

When the priest, minister, or pastor asks, “If anyone knows of any reason these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace,” no one in real life ever really objects.

But that’s exactly what happened at this epic wedding ceremony posted by Artix Entertainment.

A knight, criminal ninjas, and even superheros all object to the holy matrimony, leaving the groom and his groomsmen to defend his bride. 

The video isn’t even a week old, and has already amassed over one million views


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Dec 062013
Jazz Bear Wins Fight With Rockets Fan

Sure, the Utah Jazz Bear mascot may have gone a little too far, spraying silly string on a couple of Rockets fans and getting some sting in their beers, but he was spraying everyone.

It was just silly string. 

But one inebriated Rockets fan took the feud to the next level by dumping his beer on the Utah Bear. 

The Bear and drunk quickly began to battle, and the cops even had to break them up. 

But the Bear was the winner by far, dumping an entire bucket of water on the Rockets fan. 

The Utah Jazz even shared the video on their Google+ page


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Oct 142013
Chinese Toddler Girls In World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

YouTuber Weiyeu2 posted this adorable martial arts video nearly two years ago, but the clip has recently resurfaced, appearing on sites like Neatorama and DailyPicks under the title World’s Cutest Taekwondo Fight

And the name seems quite appropriate as the cute clip features two precious Chinese toddlers competing in their first Taekwondo fight. 

“Fight” is really too strong of a word in this context, as the two seem to simply be play fighting for the sake of their over-zealous parents. 


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