Dez 052014
Dogs Adorably Fail To Fetch

For most dogs, playing fetch is second nature. But not all dogs are blessed with the ability to always catch a stick, ball, or Frisbee whenever their master tosses one at them. And when they fail, it’s simply adorable. Tastefully Offensive did all the work for viewers and put together this hilarious compilation of dogs failing at fetch over and over. 


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Jun 052014
This Is What Happens When An Engineer Owns A Dog

This viral video by The Unknown But Not Hidden shows exactly what happens when an engineer owns a pet dog. The engineer is obviously very busy, so instead of playing fetch, he simply built this ingenious fetch machine. The smart dog quickly picked up on how to use the machine. Awesome! Over the past week, this video has garnered over one million views!


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Mai 122014
Blind Dog Plays Fetch By Listening And Smelling

Kellar the dog was born completely blind, but that hasn’t stopped the three year old English Springer from playing fetch like any other dog. He just uses his ears and nose to find the ball instead of his eyes. His owner will call out directions to him, and surprisingly, he seems to understand. 


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Apr 232014
Smart Dog Plays Fetch With Himself Using Stairs

This clever Jack Russell Terrier named Sid Russell loves to play fetch, but has no human to play with. But that’s ok. Sid has figured out how to harness the power of gravity to play with himself! He simply drops his tennis ball at the top of a flight of stairs and runs down. He’s got the perfect touch so the ball only starts to roll once he’s down the steps waiting to catch it. 

Smart pup. 

The video was posted by Mark Watts-Jones in 2011, but is trending again now, even appearing on the popular blog 22Words.  


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Sep 242013
Dogs Playing Fetch Matrix Style

Popular videographer Devin Supertramp teamed up with Orapup to commission this fun and visually pleasing pet video

He and his crew took the art form of creating Matrix-style bullet time effects using multiple GoPro cameras to the next level. 

Using a special array of 52 cameras, they were able to ’stop time‘ as their cute dogs played, jumped, and fetched. 


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