Feb 072012

Honda and Mathew Broderick made news headlines with their Ferris Bueller homage CR-V commercial during the Super Bowl. It may already be the most iconic ad of the big game. 

 took the original movie scenes the ad paid homage to, and cut them up and played them side by side with the new Honda ad. The comparison video is featured on BusinessInsider and TwentyTwoWords


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Jan 262012

Ferris Bueller and Matthew Broderick fans are running in circles trying to understand this very mysterious new trailer by . The ten second short features Broderick opening the shades and asking, ‚How can I handle work on a day like today?‘ with a few seconds of the all too familiar Oh Yea music that goes so hand in hand with Bueller.

The video ends with the date of the Super Bowl on the screen, so people are already speculating if this is just hype for just some Super Bowl commercial, or if it could really be the real deal–a Ferris Bueller sequel. 


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