Aug 072016
Small Town Reacts Hilariously After Only Dunkin Donuts Burns Down

Everyone has their corporate fast-food fix of choice. Perhaps it’s the infamous Big Mac, or a double mocha latte at Starbucks. In the north-central Pennsylvania town of Shamokin there aren’t that many choices. 

So when the only Dunkin Donuts burned down, the townspeople were not happy. 


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Apr 262016
Bottomless Bag Magic Trick

Remember Mary Poppin’s bag which could seemingly hold countless objects? Comedian and magician Stuart Edge was inspired to make his own magic bag out of a Del Taco brown paper bag. He wows patrons waiting for their tacos by apparently pulling drinks and tacos out of an empty bag. How’d he do that? 


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Apr 112016
Burger King Employees Smash All Their Windows After Prank

Prank calls to fast food restaurants go back as far as the telephone. But apparently, a few staff members at a Burger King fell for a serious doozy. A crank-caller told them they were from the gas company and that they had to smash all of the glass windows of the restaurant „because of the pressure.“ Ya, that’s it. And the staff fell for it! This clip taken by a passerby has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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Feb 152016
The Trick To Win That Coin Game For A Free Taco At Taco Bell

Nearly every Taco Bell has a charity box that doubles as a game for patrons to dump their excess change. If you are able to land a coin on the lowest ledge, you win a free taco. Most people simply drop the change, hope for the best, but assume the only tacos they will be enjoying are the ones they just ordered. 

But Jawa044 explains how to win at the coin drop game in this video from 2008 that is trending again now. 


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