Jul 022013

You know you have a viral video on your hands when it is trending despite being taken in vertical format.

At last NY’s last Comic Con, one attendee with the perfect body and voice dressed up like a real life Peter Griffin from the popular Family Guy cartoon. 

The video posted by Kirkout01 has only gone viral now, quickly amassing over 150,000 views.




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Mrz 262013

Impression reel videos are nothing new online. To stick out from the crowd, impressionist Paul put a twist on his reel by cutting up the footage to seemingly have a conversation with himself in Family Guy voices. 

Though he published his video back in September, it is trending now more than ever, and currently stands with over 350,000 hits


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Nov 242012

 didn’t just make a Family Guy-themed parody of Chris Brown’s popular single Look At Me Now. He also performed his original spoof in the familiar voices the fans love, spitting rhymes as Peter, Cleveland, and other popular characters from the silly animated series.  

Rapping lightning fast is difficult enough, but rapping while also performing impressions is a feat rarely executed so well. 


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Jun 182012

Diamond in the rough musical group  has just published their latest musical number that is a play on a popular Family Guy clip that is already featured on TheDailyWhat.

Titled Men We Don’t Know What We Did, the talented group sings about the secret code women have for communicating with the opposite sex that often ends with men not fully comprehending what they did wrong to offend their female counterparts.


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Feb 162012

YouTuber a cappella master  returns with his latest one man vocal cover. This time, he featured the Family Guy’s theme song. Ironically, fans keep commenting how he looks very similar to the creator of Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane.


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