Dez 052012

Whenever a video goes ultra viralviral, like Gangnam Style, it’s expected to be parodied and covered to oblivion. Many spoofs are as good as, or even better than, the original, but most just fall flat. 

And then there are those special few, those few parodies that are just so bad, and so terrible, viewers feel compelled to share it with their friends.

The video that is oh-so bad, it is somehow good. In a bad way. And no, it doesn’t really make much sense. The phenomenon is often referred to as the Rebecca Black Effect. 

Lucky for the Internet, Spartan High School has delivered. Here is the official worst Gangnam Style cover, reuploaded online by Spartan High student .

Presenting: Spartan High School Style


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Nov 252012

Girls‚ are obviously one of the most popular genres online, so it’s no surprise mixing ‚girls‘ with a little bit of ‚fail‚ would result in a viral video. 

 did just that, and just over the weekend, their new ‚Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation For 2012‚ video has garnered over 615,000 views


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Nov 222012

Everyone knows that Santa comes down the chimney to give good boys and girls presents on Christmas morning, so naturally, Santa would be expected to descend from the ceiling at the mall.

At least that was the plan; to surprise the kids and their parents who packed into the halls of the Broad Street Mall Reading in West Berkshire for their 2012 Christmas Light festivities to open Christmas season.

Santa was supposed to rappel down the sky light as a surprise, but it was Santa who was shocked to learn his beard became stuck in the rope

Thankfully, GI Joe was there to help Santa Clause, and Christmas was saved.


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Nov 202012

Golf obsessed YouTube channel  published this video before the weekend, and already it stands with over 1.3 million views.

Long drive champion Jamie Sadlowski was invited by Gary Williams for a one-on-one competition with the Golf Channel’s simulator. It only took Jamie one swing to hit the ball so hard, it actually broke off the holder and smashed right through the simulator’s screen.


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