Sep 212016
Football and football fails

„Football“ and „Football“ – these comepletely different sports do have one thing in common: There do happen a lot of funny fails… Good thing, FailArmy has put a lot of them together. Six minutes of entertainment for everyone*.

(*people who say „football“ and people who say „soccer“)

„Which sport is it? The one where you kick the ball with your foot, or is it the one where you toss around the brown egg?“

via: tastefullyoffensive

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Aug 252016
Huge Airlander 10 Blimp Has The Softest Crash Landing Ever

If only all crash landings were this soft and quiet. The world’s biggst aircrasft ever, the 300 foot long Airlander 10 blimp, had to crash land during a test flight in England. The cockpit was crushed, but thankfully no one was injured. 


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Aug 192016
Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You

Sorority girls have a really bad reputation on and off campus. Apparently, Okeditor is not a fan of Alpha Delta Pi. They took a simple greetings video of the girls chanting and cheering and turned it into something straight from the pits of hell. 


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