Okt 172016
Epic And Expensive Fail: TV Domino

This costumer hat the most expensive shopping trip in his life. Still not sure whether this is real or just a setup (who would place the tvs in THIS way?!), but the video got viral instantly with over 2.6 million views at the moment.

via: LangweileDich.net

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Okt 122016
Mafia III Bug Compilation

Okay, CrowbCat only played a pre-version of the new hit video game „Mafia III“, but it seems there were several reasons that everyone of us had to download a big 1.0.1-update when installing the game on the first day.

There’s a new early access game called Mafia III that just came out so I thought I would check it out.

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Okt 082016
Fails of the Week 1 October 2016

FailArmy presents the best fails of the last week. As always there are a few really hurtful ones I can’t really laugh about, but also some really entertaining pieces. And they got 1.7 million views within the first 24 hours – definitely no fail at all!

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